How to choose a WordPress theme???

A WordPress Theme controls what your blog will look like. They are pre-made templates that you can easily install and customize. There are so many available themes, some of which are free and some which cost money to download known as premium themes. You can download free themes from the WordPress Themes directory. For premium themes, you can go to theme shops available all over the internet.

A perfect theme should be a balance of beautiful design and powerful features. Too many features are not always a good sign for Theme.  Look at how easy it is to access the themes directory which make it easy to then add to your blog. Themspics

It is very simple to select and choose a theme for your WordPress blog. Just follow 2 simple steps and you can select a theme that best suits you and your blog…


Freelance Pricing Ideas…

Being the Cheapest…   Low balling can seem appropriate for several reasons. You’re a novice, so an entry-level price feels right. You want your price to reflect your own confidence, which is yet to grow. But just remember that you get what you pay for. Meaning if you offer cheap prices then you will most likely be offering cheap work.

What does everyone else charge?  There are lots of ways to find that out. Find a freelancer websites like Odesk and Elance give some indication. Bear in mind that the rates are likely to be on the low side, due to the price-competitive nature of those platforms. You could even anonymously “mystery shop” another freelancer to discover their rates.

If you want me, that’s what it costs… You simply go ahead and charge what you want, with no second-guessing or self-sabotage, or even that much consideration of whether you will get the job.  It’s simply the rate at which you will be 100% happy to do the job.

In order to find success at freelancing, you need to be sure that your work highlights your true skill especially when it comes to freelance writing. It’s important that you don’t do anything that flies over your head. Be sure to accept work that you will be able to complete for the price that you have agreed upon.

Hey, Read This Post!!!!

Did I get your attention? If so, then it worked..

That headline is probably the most important piece of anything that I am write and publish. If you can’t get past the headline, then writing new posts are pointless. I’ve learned that new headlines need to be unique. People don’t want to read the same thing over and over again. Headlines need to be short and sweet, while maintaining the essence of what an article may feature.

I’ve been trying to get an better understanding of what it takes for my blog to appeal to the average online reader. It is a hard thing to start something new and fresh especially when I decided to just dive in head first. I’m still learning what it takes to do this new thing… I will continue to read more about publishing articles online and trying to look at some possible freelance work in order to enhance my skills…

What does it take to be a great copywriter?

A great copywriter is someone who writes with great confidence and possesses great dexterity in what they produce. Copy-writing isn’t an expensive or even difficult area of freelance writing. The online work available is everywhere, making it relatively easy to find especially through a freelance agency. Most career fields, even offline, need some sort of copywriter to produce some type of article or content for their business. Maybe even for something personal to them.

But creating really good content is probably harder than it has ever been. Why? Well because according to, “the eruption of content has caused some marketers to declare that we’re now in a state of content shock – the idea that content marketing has reached its saturation point, and is no longer going to be effective.”

Content shock is to the idea of information overload because a consumer is exposed to too much information, thereby preventing profitable action instead of driving it. As the field of content marketing has broadened, it also has deepened. Marketers have discovered that the consumers aren’t motivated by popular, general-appeal content but by narrow, niche content.

There is still a need for niche content to reach potential consumers. Just remember who produces this particular content? Copywriters. But not your standard off-the-rack freelance writers, today’s content marketing copywriters must possess the awareness and skills to survive in the brave world of content marketing. Ensuring that you choose the right type of copy-writing area is the most important aspect when trying to become a great copywriter.

How do you insert a link into WordPress article?

Have you ever wanted to make a particular word or even subject into a clickable link? It is a great tool that can be utilized in really illustrating the point you want to make. Either linking a particular article to another article like in my 2nd blog post or just making your article relate to certain URL, such as Google…


Then your next step to finish the linking process…. Finishinglink

That will completes the process of linking the word “Google” from the article to the URL of “https”//”. Another simple tool to utilize when using WordPress and you even test it…

Which one should you choose? WordPress Premium or Separate Hosting Provider

The free version of WordPress is really only beneficial to new and unofficial users creating an online blog. WordPress sells a premium version that will allow to create a interactive blog that eliminates the tiny storage space, the annoying ads, and the limited design options. But, is it really worth the $99 a year just to escape these problems? Only if you are looking for the easiest and fastest way available to launch your blog website.

In order for you to create a unique blog, you will most definitely want access to the WordPress plugin database, only available by using a separate hosting provider. Not only will you have access to the thousands of available plugins, but you can now sell products through your blog, change the user interface, add video galleries, start a forum section, and using a separate host will make your blog faster. Perhaps the best part is that you can usually find hosting services that are much cheaper than that $99 option that WordPress offer. So I believe the choice is pretty obvious…How about you?

eCommerce vs. eAuthor

What is the difference between running an online business and writing an online blog???

Selling products online has become one of the most profitable sources of income for all businesses, old and new. The ease of running an online business is what led me to pursue it and the reason why my writing fell down by the waist side. Now that 5 years have passed since graduating from college, I have finally decided that my true  passion of writing can no longer wait on the sideline.

I love to write and by creating this online blog, it has finally given me the outlet I have craved to be recognized as a writer. Publishing each article has become fun and completely different from marketing and selling products online. I used to go through the daily routine of ensuring that each part of running an online business was taken care of completely. I now look forward to going online and sharing myself with new readers of this blog. It has become something I want to do compared to something I have to do…..

So… I think that is makes the difference between doing eCommerce and being an eAuthor. This what it has become to me.

Accessing the WordPress Admin Page

I don’t know about you, but I had the most difficult time trying to navigate this WordPress website since I first started. Then, the I accidentally discovered an admin page option that makes everything on WordPress a lot easier to use. The functionality of the everything was just really confusing to me before finding this admin page, but I’m only one set of eyes.

What do all the other WordPress members think????

This first capture shows the non-admin version of the blog posts page.

viewing post through non admin

This second capture shows the admin version of the blog posts page.

Viewing posts through Admin

The compact nature of the admin page makes everything much easier to use and access everything within the website. The problem I encountered while using the non-admin version was the relentless navigating through each toolbar and link as I tried to edit my other blog posts.

The 2 simple steps required to gain access to the admin page are below:

steps to access adminJust as simple as pie…



Success… How hard can it really be?

You’ve got to roll with the punches as you pursue anything new in life. You may end up getting hit so hard that it may be too difficult to get up off the ground, but sometimes you may deliver the punch that takes down anything in your way. As I advance myself into this new career, there is definitely the chance of me falling flat on my face but there is also the chance of me finding great success as I become an online writer.

The concern that most people have whenever venturing into anything new in life is whether or not they will find success. I am confident that no matter what I do, that as long I try, I will be successful in whatever I attempt. The level of success may vary depending on what happens in this new quest of life, but at least I am going to be sharing this experience with so many people as they get the opportunity see where I end up. Hopefully this open forum of my life will show someone else who may be struggling with changing own their career path, an inspiring view of what can actually happen. Here I am, here I go, so wish me good luck…

Uploading Images To Your Blog

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” a common phrase used by so many. Adding an image to whatever you may write can make it so much more appealing to the your readers. Fortunately, WordPress has made it extremely easy to upload images to your blog posts and articles.

A Little Bit of Paradise

As you can see, I added the sample picture above in a matter of seconds.  This can be done by clicking the [Add Media] button.updated wp imageThis will lead to your personal media archives along with the internal WordPress media library where you can choose the image you wish to upload and add.

Updated Sample ImageAll that remains is ensuring that the image you choose to upload is appropriate for the article you are writing.