eCommerce vs. eAuthor

What is the difference between running an online business and writing an online blog???

Selling products online has become one of the most profitable sources of income for all businesses, old and new. The ease of running an online business is what led me to pursue it and the reason why my writing fell down by the waist side. Now that 5 years have passed since graduating from college, I have finally decided that my true  passion of writing can no longer wait on the sideline.

I love to write and by creating this online blog, it has finally given me the outlet I have craved to be recognized as a writer. Publishing each article has become fun and completely different from marketing and selling products online. I used to go through the daily routine of ensuring that each part of running an online business was taken care of completely. I now look forward to going online and sharing myself with new readers of this blog. It has become something I want to do compared to something I have to do…..

So… I think that is makes the difference between doing eCommerce and being an eAuthor. This what it has become to me.


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