Which one should you choose? WordPress Premium or Separate Hosting Provider

The free version of WordPress is really only beneficial to new and unofficial users creating an online blog. WordPress sells a premium version that will allow to create a interactive blog that eliminates the tiny storage space, the annoying ads, and the limited design options. But, is it really worth the $99 a year just to escape these problems? Only if you are looking for the easiest and fastest way available to launch your blog website.

In order for you to create a unique blog, you will most definitely want access to the WordPress plugin database, only available by using a separate hosting provider. Not only will you have access to the thousands of available plugins, but you can now sell products through your blog, change the user interface, add video galleries, start a forum section, and using a separate host will make your blog faster. Perhaps the best part is that you can usually find hosting services that are much cheaper than that $99 option that WordPress offer. So I believe the choice is pretty obvious…How about you?


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